Friday, April 18, 2008

Hats for Charity

Stella Hat
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Well, I started on my hats. First one finished! It only took me a day to knit it. Well, not in one sitting... but still. Hats go fast when you've got good yarn and you're only knitting in a circle. :) It's encouraging to find out how quit they knit up. I'll have a nice donation in no time!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Works in Progress

Man, I cannot wait until the weather stops being crazy. Rain all week long, now it's cold. Cold and damp. We wanted to go camping this weekend, too! Blah. Well, I suppose it gives me more time to knit!

I'm working on a blanket for my sister-in-law. She's having her last baby, so I figured I'd make her something special. I am looking forward to finishing it so that I can start other projects.
Speaking of other projects... It has occured to me that I would like to do some charity work. I guess it's sort of a pull to give back to my community. So I have a friend at one of the hospitals and asked him to look into their charity programs, if any. I want to knit hats for cancer patients, children, or pretty much anyone who could use a little extra comfort and love. I honestly cant think of a better way to put my knitting to use. From the sound of it, no one around here has done anything like that, unless the people he asked just dont know about it.. But I would love to go around the halls with him, a box of hats in hand, walking into rooms and saying "Happy Hat Day."
So, that has been on my mind, and my heart for awhile. I hope to put it in motion soon!!
Another thing I've been excited about is getting married!! We are having our wedding in the first week of September, and I'm super excited! I have dresses picked out for my daughter and I (they practically match! Eee!) and bought the dresses for my bridesmaids on Wednesday :) I found them at work (I work at a Kohl's Dept Store) and got them super cheap! $20 a piece! I couldnt pass them up.
Anyhow, I have a lot on my mind, and things keeping me busy. I cant wait to get started on my hat day projects and wedding planning :)
It's going to be fun! Yay!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another Addiction, or two...

So, not only do I like to knit, I am also quite the video game nerd. I like playing PC MMORPGs, and sometimes even a console game every now and then.

I just yesterday got a Nintendo DS for my (early) birthday. I got Yoshi's Island DS for it as well. I used to play Yoshi's Island on my step-mom's SuperNES way back in the day. I'm not much for Mario jumpy-jumpy games, but I really liked the way you could shoot eggs and eat stuff with Yoshi.
It wont go a day in my house without being played. I've got a video game nut for an almost-husband and my daughter loves them too.

I signed us up for Gamefly, and already have 2 games rented and shipped out. I should have them Monday. I'm excited.

Needless to say, I'm addicted. And I feel quite nerdy about it. :)

Another thing I was looking at was Maple Story for the PC. It's an online side-scroller MMO that you can download and play for free! I showed it to one of my (nerd) friends today and he thought it looked cool. I do, too. I think maybe I should really give this one some serious thought before I go and download it... I dont want to be sucked into an other online MMO.

The biggest problem with video games is how hard they are to put down. I could get into a game and an hour would go by without me even noticing it. Although, I have a hard time playing the DS for longer than an hour, a PC game like Maple Story would probably suck me in entirely.

So many addictions, and only so many hands...

Maybe I should get help, haha. :)