Tuesday, May 26, 2009

yay for storage!

We've been doing a little rearranging around the house lately. We've gotten rid of our oversized chair, which I loved, but it just didnt fit in the living room very well. And since getting a nice, shiny laptop for my birthday, we've planned on trashing my computer desk that's taking up space in the bedroom. What better way to use that space than to put up some shelves etc for all of my yarn that's taking up closet space!
So the husband and I went shopping at Target, and got some of the ClosetMaid stuff. Voila! I can see my yarn now! I actually have a place to put it! Yay!
And we had found this nifty wine tube at JoAnn's. I thought I could store all of my straight needles in it. They wont fit in it if I put the top on, but it looks neat with them sticking out anyway. Sort of like a needle vase :)
I've been very excited about all of this, and eager to show it off. It isnt much, but it works, and looks nice.
Another thing I'm excited about is that I ordered some Harmony Wood dpns from KnitPicks, along with some yarn for a little shrug I've been dying to knit. The dpns are sock size, and I'm looking forward to learning how to make socks! The daughter has been bugging me to make her some, so she'll be the grand experiment! If all goes well, the husband will get a pair, and one of my best friends shall get some too (she's got sort of a sock fetish)!
Yay for storage and sock adventures. Now I'm off to more unpleasant things, like cleaning the bathroom. :(

Monday, May 18, 2009

stash n' shawl.

Finally visited my parents this weekend. I havent seen them since Easter. My youngest sister graduated highschool yesterday, by the skin of her teeth. But, she did it.
Anyway, my stepmom had a gift for me from my birthday last month. She handed me this yarn basket. It's a little over a foot deep, has a few places on the inside to store needles, and a nifty eyelet that you can thread yarn through. I absolutely love it! And it looks a lot nicer in my living room than the canvas bag I had all of my projects in before.

I found out that this weekend is the annual Delaware pow-wow in Copan, Oklahoma. http://www.goodnewspress.com/news.php?viewStory=745
My dad is going, along with some other family, and my crazy Aunt Patti who wants to dance one more time. Dad suggested that my daughter go with them. I would like to, but I doubt I'll be able to get the night off. Anyway, my grandmother tells me that if dear daughter has a shawl, she can dance with the women at the pow-wow. So I'm going to knit her one. I'm going to make it with worsted yarn on 11 needles to make a little open and lacy using a simple k2, yo, knit across until it's the size I want it to be. Maybe I'll put some fringe on it. I'll post pictures of it when I'm finished! :)