Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

Things have felt pretty stressfull these last few weeks.

1. Work is being updated, specifically, my department. We're unsure of the exact date, and even the process of it, how many people will be needed, etc. Ack!

2. Got interviewed by Kohl's videographers about my experience with the tornado. They're going to be making a video to help with future natural disaster procedures, what they can do, how to respond. Good stuff, and I'm glad that I could be a part of it! Kohls has been great during all of this, they've been a big help, and I'm thankful for a company who does actually care about their employees.

3. Trying not to stress out about rebuilding. So much has to go into it. So many things need to work together. And, I'm worried about not having enough money. But we've been blessed so insanely much throughout this experience, and I know that the blessings arent just going to stop coming. God has his plan for me, to prosper me, not to harm me, to glorify Himself and His works. I hope that people can see my hope in Him through this. I hope that they can see how much He loves us!

4. I was totally convicted about idolizing stuff this week. I think the enemy creeped in and told me that being sacrificial is foolish.  All of a sudden I was overwhelmed with giving something else up to make time for God... Specifically, a question from our group study: "What things in your life cancel out need for and time with Jesus?" And we're supposed to be fasting this week.  It made me think, "What am I giving up for God?  ...Well, I gave up my house, and everything that was in it! I gave up planning anything, I gave up a comfortable life, all the stuff in it, everything I knew, I had, was gone in the tornado. What else does God want from me?!!!" And I was angry.

You know what God wants from me? ME.

God gave up his only son. Jesus laid down his life for us. His life. He gave up everything for me. It's very humbling. Because all of the things that I just rattled off, make no matter. It's all just stuff that can be replaced. The 2 most important pieces of my life here on earth walked out of that splintered mess the tornado left behind. By God's mercy and grace, they walked out.

God gave everything up for me. Why should He expect anything less in return?