Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Havent written in awhile, sometimes I dont really know what to say. Is anyone even reading this? I dont really care. :)

I finished my second charity hat awhile ago. I like how it came out, and hope it finds a good home.

I also finished my second baby blanket for my new nephew. It was knit with 2 strands held together, and became awfully heavy on the needles, so I didnt knit very long in one sitting.
Right now I'm working on a Sheldon for yet another sister-in-law for her wedding gift. She really likes turtles, and I figured something hand-made would be more special than something like ... a toaster. ;)
Also found a wonderful pattern for a new charity hat to start on soon. Once I get Sheldon's body finished, I will probably pick up on knitting the hat. I wanted to get 3 more finished by the end of May so I could donate them all at once, and hopefully I will be able to stick to my goal.
Speaking of weddings, I went and bought my wedding dress last night. It was the last one I tried on, and wasnt one I'd even considered getting, but it was perfect. Just a little alterations and ta-da! I cant wait! Daughter of mine didnt care for her dress, she said it was "too puffy." The dress matches mine perfectly and she looked absolutely gorgeous in it. I had to order hers in a size smaller, and it will be in next month.
I wrote out a list of things I still need to get done, it's long.. ugh. And I'm quite sure that I'm forgetting something. I actually forgot to write down 'wedding cake' the first time! And you cant forget the cake! Sheesh...
Well, I've had a wonderful evening. Made a great dinner, got a sitter and went to see Iron Man -awesome movie. So now I suppose I'll go do some more knitting and get to bed!