Friday, May 20, 2011

Missing her already.

Vacation is over. 10 days has come and gone. We dropped Mom off at the airport this morning, and I already miss her.

I hope she wasnt bored out of her mind.

It was very nice to just sit around and enjoy her company. We watched a ton of movies, and drank even more coffee. We cooked, we hugged, we laughed.

The weather didnt cooperate very much while she was here. The day she came in, it was nice and warm out. Followed by 3 or 4 days of wet and rainy and cold. We didnt get to go camping, but we did make it down to Pineville and had lunch at the river. Then there were a few pretty days, and today, when she left, we awoke to rumbling in the distance. Thunderstorms all the way to Tulsa. We drove through rain that was coming down so hard, you could hardly see the lines on the side of the highway, much less anything in front of you. Quite scary.

While we didnt really have anything planned, it was nice just to be able to go eat, or shop or whatever we felt like.

It was just nice to see her face, hug her. I can still smell her soap in the bathroom.

Tomorrow means back to work with an 8 hour shift. Half customer service, half price changes. Fantastic. Maybe they'll just let me wear jeans and tennis shoes for the entire shift. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off. I really didnt miss working (especially with Inventory this week, haha!) but I suppose it will be nice to get back. I do like my job.

I guess I'll be off then. Husband and doggy are both sleeping, but I am wide awake. Which, at this time of night, often results in the munchies. Maybe I'll go polish off the peanut M&Ms. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

I am on vacation!


And you know, it's sad, cause I might go into work to do some shopping tonight, hehe.

We go to pick Mom up tomorrow afternoon. So in preparation, I've gotten the oil changed in my car, washed it, vacuumed it. Waiting for it to cool off outside before I sit in my car and wipe down the dash and stuff.

Other things to do include picking up the house a bit more, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen. I'd also like to have M help me clip Zoe's nails. They're a little scratchy.

Oh! So a few days ago was J's birthday. We took her and a friend to the drive-in and saw "Rio" and "Soul Surfer." Soul Surfer was pretty good. My dad stopped by earlier in the day to give J her birthday present, and dropped on off for me as well. Grandma got me an apricot tree. M planted it yesterday. It's supposed to be self-pollinating, so I hope it does well with out a friend.

The garden is doing well despite the warm weather. Which is great, considering it gets so nasty here. I read that putting river rocks or white pebbles on top of the soil helps to keep the humidity down in potted gardens, so we put some white marble on top. I have what looks like the beginning of a bloom on my bell pepper, yay! My strawberries are looking great, and putting off new babies. My rosemary is doing fantastic, as is my parsley. My dill and cilantro are sort of turning red on some branches, I dont know what that means. My thyme is half-dead I think. We'll see how the rest of it does before I consider digging it up and replacing it.

So yeah. Wednesday we're having dinner with my community group, looking forward to sharing my church family with my mom. Then the next day is Thursday, we usually go eat with the nerds, so that'll be fun too! And Mom gets to go to Art Walk this month. Yay! :)

Anyway, I have so much to do before Mom gets here. I'd better get off this thing and go do Something. I guess. ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gloomy Horizon

Oh, spring.
How I wish it would stop raining already! I was outside pooper-scooping (one of the joys of dog ownership) and noticed dark clouds looming over the horizon. Fantastic. Glad I didnt decide to water my plants today.

On a happier note: I can breathe again. Nose isnt stuffy, but not quite back to normal yet. Hooray for snot. I still cant smell very well.

Took miss J to the doctor today. It's been years since she's seen someone. Bad parenting? I think not. Anyway, she'd come home from her dad's house the other day with some discoloration on her neck. Freaked me out a little bit. The doctor says he's never seen anything like it. M said he talked to a doctor today who mentioned that it could be some sort of toxin reaction to make-up maybe. Hmm. Also she's got another appointment to see an eye doctor about a stye on her eye. It's not a stye, it's called something else. But they might have to take it out of her eyelid. Eek! Poor J.

Mom's going to be here in a week, I'm so excited :) Cant wait for 10 days off, either. Especially after this last weekend. They worked me too hard, and I'm still tired from it.

Well off I go to pick J up and take her to piano.