Friday, May 11, 2012

11 more days

Oh. My. Goodness!

It's been forEVER since I've updated this thing.

So much has happened!

On April 8th, we got to move into our finished house! It's been awesome. We had Mission Joplin help us move. They rented a U-Haul, and about 10 kids (okay, 18-20yr olds) showed up and just loaded that sucker up and moved us. It only took one truck load... Just to put into perspective how little we own now.

Anyway, being at home has been... weird. I've said how weird it's been all year. Yeah. It's been good. My view of the neighborhood is bittersweet. I can see for what feels like forever. It's like living in town, but in the middle of nowhere at the same time. There are only 4 houses on my block (not counting the one for sale, or the townhouses at the end of the street) and one of those 4 is being rebuilt. I think there are only 3 of us who were here before the tornado. And construction starts early. For me, anyway. I cant seem to sleep past 9am. Which isnt so bad for most people, except that I work until 3am sometimes. So after winding down and going to bed at 4am, 9am comes pretty fast.

So, we're finally almost finished with everything. Bank stuff is pretty much done, which means I get to shop for a couch soon. And build a deck. Our backyard was fenced in this week, as well as everything being seeded. Now we just have to water, water, water. My poor dog only got to enjoy her backyard for a few hours before we had to start watering the seed... which will make my yard mud for about 2 weeks. Back to walking her across the street to use the potty.

Matt planted a spruce tree that my uncle got us. It's very tiny in my backyard. So much so that it makes me giggle to see it out there all by itself. And I have other plants barely hanging on in pots, just waiting to be planted in flower beds, and my grandmother has ordered me peonies... I think those will go in the corner to hide all the electrical boxes and such. And I want a couple raised beds for gardening in. But that can wait. I wont be able to garden this year at all, most like.

So yeah, the house is great. It's almost the same layout as before. We gained about 100sq feet by adding a room where our deck used to be, and that gave us room for a second bathroom, walk-in closets, and about 2 feet in the kitchen (which we happened to have about 6 people in last week, and no one got in eachother's way!).

Storm season is here(ish) and it's been weird. I believe that we live in the safest area of Joplin... the chances of a tornado touching down in our area are slim to none. That brings a bit of comfort on stormy nights. However, many people are letting their fears rule their lives, and it's heart breaking. So many posts on facebook about being scared, or clutching weather radios, or updating weather minute by minute.... it's really hard to deal with. My daughter is dealing with it okay. She knows mentally that we're very safe, however, her body freaks out on her, and shakes with fear. So many people have become obsessed with the weather. Pray for healing for Joplin.

In 11 more days, it will have been a whole year since the tornado.  What I have experienced this year is beyond explaination. Love, community, trust, control, strength and patience have all been tested. Lessons taught and learned. Fears expressed and overcome. Relationships strengthened and opportunity lies ahead.

Almost one year ago, my heart broke for this city. For friends. For family.

I know this is where I belong. There is no doubt in my mind.

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